Getting back into a good school routine with your child isn’t always easy after the long summer break.  Kimberley Bain, a Family Practitioner with our Families and Parenting Service, shares her advice on how to pick that routine back up.

After six wonderful weeks off in the somewhat sunny weather, it can be difficult to get back into a routine.  Your little ones may be used to lie-ins and PJ days, but unfortunately, that has to come to an end.  Here’s some top tips on how to get your children back into the swing of their school routine!

Prepare them for what’s coming

On the run up to the first day, let them know that school is just around the corner.  Start getting them out of bed at the time they normally would for school, this way it won’t be as big of a shock when it comes to getting up for the real thing.

Get into a routine

Make the morning routine the same so your children know what’s coming.  Wake up, breakfast, brush teeth, clothes on!  If there is time you might even let them watch some TV.  Routine helps children to feel more relaxed and know what to expect.  It doesn’t have to be military action, just relax into it, don’t make the routine a chore.

Be prepared!

Be as prepared as you can be.  It’s a good idea to have the packed lunches made and the uniforms ready the night before.  This means you’re not trying to do everything in the morning.

Maintain it, reward it

Start as you mean to go on.  Try to keep the routine going, the longer you do it the more it will become habit.   It’s hard sometimes as things can happen unexpectedly but try your best - it will be worth it in the long run!  Reward the children if they manage the routine and get ready on time, even just a sticker can make them feel appreciated.  Praising your child rather than nagging will be better for everyone!

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