Every family is different but most will experience challenges and difficulties at some point. When these become overwhelming we are here to help.

Families United - Our Families United programme works with you and your family together to strengthen your relationships, raise confidence and teach you new skills to overcome difficulties. The intensive five day programme encourages you and your family to work together to solve activities using your own strengths to reach shared family goals. It can include all the generations of your family to make positive changes.

Families in Crisis - Our Families in Crisis team work with you and your family to address issues that are causing harm and are having an impact on the safety of your children. This covers mental health, domestic abuse and drug and alcohol misuse. We work with families with children who are at risk of, or who have already been, removed from your care.

 This is the first time I have felt positive in a long time. You have made a real difference in the meeting I feel that everything is now going in the right direction and I’m being heard.

We do offer these services free of charge in some areas, so please contact us to find out if you are eligible.

To find out more use our contact us form or ring 0191 272 7824.

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