Being a young person with a disability can make it extra difficult to deal with challenges at home, at school and in the local community. So we have dedicated services to help you.

Youth Link for Young People with a disability – Newcastle

Youth Link is the name for our peer mentoring service dedicated to young people (aged 12 – 18 years) with a disability in Newcastle. This specialised service helps to improve your communication and relationships with family and friends. Through Youth Link we have helped hundreds of disabled young people make friends, and strengthen their confidence and self-esteem.

We match you with a trained volunteer (who is usually just a few years older) who will help you to look at the problems and identify solutions. Whatever your problems, such as bullying, family and school issues, we can help.  

Fabulous and Brilliant (FAB)

Fabulous and Brilliant (FAB) is a group of disabled young people who take part in Youth Link in Newcastle and

meet once a month to socialise and have fun. Each month you can take part in the different activities based on what the group’s interests are. As part of the group you will also act as a voice for other disabled young people in the City sharing their views with decision makers like the Local Council.

You can also refer yourself, someone else or register to become a peer mentor here.

Bus Buddies

Bus Buddies helps disabled or special needs students who cannot currently travel on their own by public transport to their place of education. We match you with a trained volunteer (who is usually just a few years older) who will help you to overcome the challenges to using public transport. They will help you find solutions and work with you and your parents or carer until you can use public transport confidently.

Bus Buddies will help increase your self-confidence to make public transport journeys but also help open up more opportunities for you to become independent in school and your social life!

We do offer these services free of charge in some areas, so please contact us to find out if you are eligible.

To find out more about our support for Disabled Young People, contact us on 0191 273 3997.