Sisters Hope, Wonder and Praise Alexander have become young First Aid experts thanks to our Whoops! home safety service. 

The team at Whoops!, based within our Families and Parenting Service at Cowgatenormally teaches parents of very young children the basics of paediatric First Aid. 

But when project co-ordinator, Debbie Ellerby, went to meet the girls’ mum, Joyce Alexander, she found that her daughters were really keen to learn too. 

Watch Debbie teaching the girls

"The girls wanted to be involved"

Now all of Joyce’s older girls – eight-year-old twins, Hope and Wonder and six-year-old Praise - know about common hazards around the home; how to deal with a choking baby and even deliver CPR, which is really reassuring for Joyce who also has a 15-month-old baby called Divine. 

Debbie said: “Joyce came to a pregnancy event at the Nunsmoor Centre in Newcastle when she was expecting Divine and I arranged to go out to see her. 

“From the word go, the girls wanted to be involved so I introduced them to our First Aid mannequin doll, Kevin, and they learnt all about how to handle a choking infant and how to put each other in the recovery position.” 

Spread the home safety message

Joyce said that whilst she had found the sessions really helpful, the girls, who attend Moorside Primary School, have also benefited. “For example they now know not to leave small toys around that Divine could pick up and put in her mouth and they’re aware about not leaving hot drinks where she could touch them.” 

Joyce, who is a member of the Mount Zion Church in Newcastle’s West End, now hopes to spread the home safety message amongst members of her church congregation and is considering volunteering with Children North East’s Whoops! team. 

She is also studying for a qualification in public health at Northumbria University. 

Open to the general public

As well as delivering paediatric First Aid, the Whoops! team conducts free home safety checks and installs free safety equipment, such as stair gates, for families who couldn’t otherwise afford them. Last year the service carried out 128 home assessments and installed 440 pieces of safety equipment. 

The Whoops! team can also deliver paid-for First Aid training in to the general public, in schools and provide more in-depth courses for individuals and community groups. 

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