Peer Mentoring

Our peer mentoring services encourage the development of confidence and self esteem whilst increasing social skills and independence.

The service aims to improve communication and relationships between young people (aged 12 – 18 years) and their families, to help prevent family breakdown and reduce isolation.

Young people are matched with a trained volunteer, who will help and encourage them to explore their difficulties and identify solutions to their problems. The projects support young people through difficult times, helping them to move forward, take up new opportunities and stay together.

To find out more contact our Youth Link project on 0191 273 3997.

You can also register to become a peer mentor or refer someone for peer mentoring here.




A young person was referred for peer mentoring to help them talk through how they were feeling and to help set goals to increase their confidence and self esteem.

After the initial couple of sessions with their peer mentor talking about likes/dislikes and setting boundaries, the young person was ready to begin setting goals.

The goals included attending a youth group, which helped with the young person’s integration with their peers which increased their confidence.

The young person then worked through with their peer mentor the sorts of things that affected and impacted on their mental health and how it made them feel and act. Through this they looked at ways the young person could keep themselves mentally healthy making a safe plan sheet, action plan and self help strategies.

The young person then came up with an action plan for the future about being more positive and was able to name different people, things and places they felt safe with and helped them feel better about themselves.

“I feel more positive about coping, using the strategies that my mentor has taught me about. I have learnt how to spend less time concentrating on negative things and more on positives. I have enjoyed working with the project and having a peer mentor.”