A list of research findings by Northumbria University on the 'A Day Out Not a Handout' Project during summer 2017.

  • Children’s diets were significantly improved on days attending holiday club compared to days they did not attend. They consumed more core foods – protein, dairy, grains and cereals as well as fruits and vegetables; drank water more frequently and drank fewer sweetened drinks
  • Children engaged more frequently in physical activity and reported that they enjoyed physical activity more on days attending club compared to days not attending club
  • Children reported improvements in their education and learning, confidence and self-esteem; with parents also reporting positive impacts in social interactions and alleviating financial burden
  • Children enjoyed the diversity of experiences in cooking and growing activities and said that they gained knowledge in food and nutrition. Some children enjoyed trying new foods at the club that they had not previously eaten
  • Children’s learning transferred to the home environment with children wanting to help prepare and cook family meals
  • Parents also reported that they spent more quality time as a family, both at club and at home and the club helped in alleviating stress
  • Children said they enjoyed attending holiday club because they participated in a variety of activities that they did not normally have access to during the summer holidays
  • Both children and parents stress the importance of clubs in providing children with a safe space to play during the holiday