Our Newcastle Parent Infant Partnership (NEWPIP) is part of the network of PIPs across the country working under the umbrella of PIP UK.

From the moment of conception through to birth and the first two years of life (the first 1001 Critical Days), every aspect of a baby’s emotional environment influences its future development.  Babies have no ‘choice’ about totally fitting in to the family environment they find themselves in, and they will adapt to both positive and negative experiences, but the final outcomes will be quite different.  Our NEWPIP team provides the specialist early intervention needed to help prevent the negative outcomes that may present themselves later in a baby’s life.

To do this, the project provides psychotherapeutic services in the local community to babies and all the people that are close to them (parents, grandparents, foster carers or adoptive parents) who may be struggling to develop a bond with the baby.  We work closely with the families to promote a positive way of interacting with baby to ensure a healthy bond can be made.

There are many risk factors that can have an impact on the relationship between baby and their caregiver including mental ill-health, substance misuse, past maltreatment, domestic violence, poverty and birth trauma.  These risks may fill the mind of the main caregiver and, regardless of social position, can get in the way of forming a healthy, sensitive and joyful relationship with their baby.

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Meet the NEWPIP Team

The staff team at NEWPIP

The NEWPIP team are made up of (L-R):

  • Lesley Hutchinson – Service Manager
  • Peter Toolan – Clinical Lead
  • Jane Turner – Parent Infant Psychotherapist
  • Marie Clark – Parent Infant Psychotherapist
  • Kate Purdy – Parent Infant Psychotherapist
  • Jude Storer – Specialist Health Visitor
  • Janice Craig – Administrator