Music and Arts

Our music and arts work focuses on building relationships between parents and children through weekly musical and art sessions.

These sessions fit alongside our support work and benefit both parents and children in different ways. We deliver these activities in local communities helping parents to form friendships and support networks.

We have music making and creative play drop in sessions each Thursday morning at our Rye Hill base for families with children aged 0-5 years for dads, mums and carers.

To find out more contact our Families Project on 0191 272 7824.




A father and child were referred to this service as there were concerns about the father’s ability to provide a safe environment for the child. Initially the father was very anxious about taking part in the sessions putting barriers in the way such as needing to feed the child or change its nappy.

The father continued to attend each week and gradually became used to the staff and the sessions. After a couple of months he began taking part in the sessions.

The father and child attended the sessions regularly for nine months which increased the father’s confidence and saw their relationship change with increased eye contact, cuddles and smiles. The father also learnt how to praise and encourage the child and to reassure the child throughout the sessions leading to more laughter and chatting between the two.

“We enjoy the music session each week, it brings us closer together. [The child] knows the routine and what to expect and chatters away now. I like it because it’s the same staff every week.”