Maximising student attainment and progress is at the heart of every school. Children North East have a range of services that have been proven to support schools to achieve these positive outcomes for children and young people.

Wilderness Schooling

Wilderness Schooling delivers the core curriculum in maths, science and English using the outdoors as the classroom for primary school children. The aim is to raise standards in core subjects and help children develop socially and emotionally through engagement with the outdoors.

The Wilderness Schooling programme typically:

  • takes place over six weeks with a full day session each week
  • led by a qualified team of practitioners
  • at an outdoor location
  • includes up to 18 students
  • within a 30 minute drive of the school

Now in its fifth year independent research has shown that Wilderness schooling really does make a positive impact on the attainment (in Maths, Science, English Reading and Writing) and behaviour of children.

Westgate Hill Primary School in Newcastle said:

The impact on the pupils’ confidence and social interaction was one of the highlights… I saw quiet, timid pupils who had held back for almost a year.

If you think Wilderness Schooling is something that would benefit your school please contact our team on 0191 256 2449 or use our contact us form.