Children love to explore and learn through play and it really does not need to cost much. Here are some handy tips and ideas to make inside play time fun!

  • Build! Make a cubby together out of cushions, blankets and chairs. Encourage your child to come up with ideas about what their cubby looks like and what happens in the cubby.
  • Imagine! Build a car or rocket together using cardboard boxes. Talk about what you see on your travels to outer space, make difference noises and count down to blast-off in your rocket.
  • Create! Draw and paint together. You don’t need to be the next Picasso so don’t worry about getting a picture right. Have a go at finger painting or safely cut up some hard root vegetables to create some fab prints.

Take advantage of the local free resources available to you. A quick online search of where you live and the following resource names will open up some fantastic resources near you:

  • Local Libraries Many libraries are more than just books these days. Many can lend you children’s games and puzzles. They also often host weekly story and music sessions for children that are free or very low cost to join.
  • Toy Libraries These local organisations give you and your child access to specialist toys, play equipment, multi-sensory sessions and soft play rooms.

Also take advantage of online resources including this fantastic video from Arvind Gupta on 'Turning Trash into Toys'.

Enjoy and have fun!

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