James Crowther On Sunday 5th August I will be competing in Newcastles strongest man 2018 at F. S. I gym in North Sheilds dressed as the Green giant.

I have spent most of my career working with disadvantaged youths. They often feel like society has given up on them. There's support out there for them and their families but it's spread very thin. It was always very frustrating seeing the need for more help but eventually hitting stumbling blocks and dead ends. However small my contribution is, I will be proud to know that i have done something to help.

This is my first time individually fundraising.
I decided to give the strongman competition another go. This is my second time in a contest- I have now spent more time learning about the sport. It requires a tremendous amount of mental toughness, let alone the physical capacity. The events are dangerous and can be very daunting. If you doubt yourself going into an event you will more than likely fail. I believe that this reflects well the lives of the young people I work with. They often have issues facing them that 95% of the population can't even comprehend. For those children to overcome this they need support to realise their potential and see their inner strength. Children North East do this very well and they continue their support for those leaving education. Those that are often overlooked by society and are left behind after the school system.

I will be dressing as the Green giant on the day of competing. Whilst it may seem like a laugh, and it is, there is meaning to it. A few students I worked with took to calling green giant down when they were out of sight. What started as them having a dig became a term of endearment. One of these students sadly lost his life recently and others have unfortunately ended up in prison. These situations could be avoided if they had more help. I will be thinking of those students who missed getting the right help throughout my training and the competition. Reminding myself that I am doing it for them will help keep me focused and determined. James Crowther