Families United

The Families United programme works with families to strengthen family relationships, raise confidence and teach new skills to overcome difficulties.

The intensive 5 day programme encourages families to work together to solve activities using their own strengths and solutions to reach their goals. The Programme includes all generations of the family as well as carers and examines the negative and positive family dynamics which can impact on daily life and supports the family to make positive changes.

To find out more contact our Families Project on 0191 272 7824.




A family were referred to the Families United programme by their Health Worker. The mother had recently been diagnosed with psychosis after several suicide attempts. This had affected the parent’s relationship with each other and their children as well as family life in general.

The whole family attended the Families United programme, including the mother who, due to her issues, spent most of her days in bed. The family looked at feelings, frustrations and how to resolve issues. Following the programme the family had further one to one sessions with a support worker to address issues such as emotional vulnerability and loss, including the loss of roles within the family structure.

“I am so glad we have come to Families United this week. I feel it has improved my relationship with my daughter. I just want to be a good Husband and a good Dad.”