Families In Crisis

Our Families in Crisis team work with families to address parental issues which are causing harm and are having an impact on the safety of children and young people in the family.

This work covers mental health, domestic abuse and drug and alcohol misuse with children who are at risk of, or who have already been, removed from the care of their parents.

To find out more contact our Families Project on 0191 272 7824.




A family were referred to this service as the son and unborn child were both subject to a protection plan under the category of neglect. The mother had a history of substance misuse and there was domestic violence between the parents.

The main aim of the crisis intervention work was to safeguard the children and assess the mother’s parenting abilities and impact of her drug use. Different therapeutic tools were used with both parents to encourage positive change together with parental guidance and advice to help create positive outcomes for the children.

Both mum and dad worked with us individually and together to help them understand domestic abuse and its impact on the whole family. We increased our visits for the first two weeks of the baby being born to further assess their parenting ability.

Once our work was completed we kept the case open for a further three months in case the family weren’t able to keep up the positive changes they had made. We’re pleased to say no further concerns have been raised since the closure of the case.