Our One to One counselling service focuses on young people aged 13-25. All our counsellors are qualified and trained in a variety of counselling techniques which means we can help young people through a variety of ways including creative media, exposure work and challenging behaviours.

The service supports young people through a variety of issues that are affecting their lives and stopping them reaching their potential. This includes depression and low mood, self harming and loss and bereavement.

Our unique service is able to offer up to 20 sessions, where the local average is 6 sessions, with regular review points. The 1-2-1 sessions are delivered city wide enabling our counsellors to take their work to the young people, either at school, college or through other community venues.

To find out more you can drop in to our WEYES Project, contact them on 0191 273 3997 or email them on




A young person began counselling with us due to high anxiety. Particular focus was on social anxiety as the young person had become very isolated and had put avoidance strategies in place due to panic attacks and a phobia of community spaces. The only time the young person left the house was to attend job centre appointments.

During the initial weeks of counselling, the young person brought their parent and would only speak to a counsellor in an open reception area. By week three they had progressed to meeting the counsellor by themselves in the counselling room whilst their parent waited outside.

Towards the end of the sessions the young person had started a work taster course at a college and was travelling independently to get there. By the end of the sessions the young person was dealing with their anxiety by setting their own milestones and feeling the panic through careful exposure and sensitisation.