BU (Be Yourself) Project

The BU (Be Yourself) Programme supports young people aged 8-25 years to help build resilience to cope with the emotional challenges of everyday life and develop the foundations for positive mental health.

Just like keeping our bodies healthy, it is important to keep our minds healthy too.  We want children and young people to know that feeling all sorts of emotions is a normal part of growing up and that sometimes those thoughts and feelings can get in the way of enjoying life.  The BU programme is there to help children and young people feel good and not let those tricky things get in the way.

The 10-12 week course, developed with young people, runs in schools as well as from our WEYES base.  There are a mix of sessions that are fun and informal with lots of different activities to help children and young people learn which focus on communication, friendships, self image, mental health and coping with feelings.

The programme has a proven track record of improving young people’s sense of wellbeing, including increased confidence and self esteem, enhanced communication and relationships, and engagement in school and community activities.

“If they can’t keep a stable mind, then how are they going to deal with the social aspects of school, let along the academic side?  It is important that we can help students deal with their thoughts and behaviour.  This is why we’re working with Children North East because they are very good at it.”     School staff member

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To find out more you can drop in to our WEYES Project or contact them on 0191 273 3997.