Baby and toddler groups are a great place to meet other parents and carers with children your child's age.  They are fantastic places for your child’s development.  This includes helping them learn valuable social skills, supporting their imagination and creativity and most importantly have fun!  So we organise a range of activities every week. Currently these include:

Messy Play and Music

Apart from being fun, music helps the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of your baby.  Our music sessions offer a fun way for babies to be creative and experience music in lots of different forms.

A mum attending our Messy Play and Music Sessions with her two year old daughter said:

Thanks for a year being a lovely teacher.  You were by our side and helped my daughter grow up... We are so lucky to attend the group.

Sensory Play

Our sensory play sessions use fun activities to help your baby or toddlers development whilst exploring and socialising.  The activities will help your baby make the most use of their developing senses including using water, sand and other play activities to have fun and learn.

Baby Chillax

Baby massage is a lovely way to bond with your baby and spend time together.  In our Baby Chillax programme we teach you how to safely and confidently massage your baby, sharing techniques to stay chilled with your new born.

We do offer these services free of charge in some areas, so please contact us to find out if you are eligible.

If you are interested in joining one of our groups please use our contact us form or ring 0191 272 7824.