Tell us a bit about yourself

I originally grew up in the North East and studied Economics at Leeds university before taking up a career in Finance that led me to work in London and Edinburgh for Ernst & Young, RBS Group and a Canadian bank called TD Group. I took a lifestyle choice about 4 years ago and returned to Newcastle to work for Sage Group Plc, a North East born & bred technology company who are listed on the FTSE 100.

How do you feel about the North East?

Having worked down south and further north I was attracted back to the North East because I missed the people (and their Geordie accents), the lifestyle (the beach, the shops and Northumberland) and the transport links are super handy. All in all, it's an affordable, great place to live.

Why have you chosen to be a Trustee of Children North East?

I really wanted to give something back and also to help the well-being of children. Through my work I'm very fortunate to benefit from 5 days volunteering work and instead of doing a sporadic beach clean or removing waste I decided to devote my time to something more meaningful which drew upon the skills & experiences I've developed in my career.

What is your claim to fame?

I went to the same school as Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and my dad, bizarrely, was also at Newcastle University with him. Even more bizarrely I also feature in a documentary of Rowan Atkinson's life! Technically, I think that makes me famous.