During the last decade, support from players of People's Postcode Lottery has enabled the team here at Children North East to double the number of support services available from 17 in 2010, to 34 in 2019. Over £2 Million has been raised so far, which has helped improve the childhoods of over 24,500 children and young people, and over 3,500 families.

Children North East exists because growing up can be hard. Our charity works with babies, children and young people in their families, schools and communities to ensure they grow up to be healthy and happy.

We offer a wide range of help. This includes being one of only 27 parent infant relationship teams around the UK to provide specialist psychotherapy for parents experiencing difficulties bonding with their babies. Children North East also provides mental health counselling for young people, and support for children and teenagers who've experienced domestic abuse.

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Improving Childhoods

In addition, the schools team delivers its innovative Poverty Proofing the School Day initiative which aims to create a level playing field for pupils around the country, ensuring the poorest children are able to fully access the curriculum and enjoy everything school has to offer.

Jeremy Cripps, Chief Executive of Children North East, said, 

Being part of the People's Postcode Lottery family for the last ten years has been a blessing and a privilege during austerity.

"Family life has changed hugely over the last ten years. However, with support received from players our services have changed to respond to the crisis in emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people, the school experience of North East children who live in poverty, children going hungry during the school holidays, and the absolute essential of a loving relationship for every baby with its parents."

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