You can see more about Poverty Proofing the School Day on The Politics Show in the North East & Cumbria on BBC1 at 11:00, Sunday 13 May.

You may have seen our Poverty Proofing the School Day initiative in the press this week. It has been creating a lively debate about how to tackle poverty in schools which we welcome.

Poverty affects nearly one in three children in the UK today. For these children school can be a daily struggle filled with stigma and barriers to learning such as school trips, homework and the hidden costs of education.

Poverty Proofing the school day was created because children and young people living in poverty said school was the place where they felt most discriminated.

In every school we support, we speak to all the children and young people in the school.  That means any recommendations we make to the school are based on what their children and young people have experienced and what they would like their teachers to do to Poverty Proof their school lives.

Now in its fifth year, we know Poverty Proofing the School day really worksAn independent evaluation by Newcastle University, found that it improves school attendance, behaviour in school, uptake of free school meals and uptake of school trips and music tuition.

Poverty Proofing has already improved the school life of over 30,000 children and young people in the north east and across the country.

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