We're excited to announce our virtual 'Back to School' Balloon Race - an exciting way to raise vital funds for babies, children, young people and families across the North East!

Flying from Red Square on 14 September our balloons are just £3.   There's no limit to the amount of balloons you can buy, so get the whole family involved.  All balloons need to be purchased before 14 September to be entered into the race.

You can decorate your balloon, give it a name, and adjust its helium content and thickness.  Then, on Race Day, watch your balloon set off on its journey.  

What is a virtual balloon race?

Virtual balloon races use satellite technology to map how far real balloons would travel using real time weather conditions.  Other factors are also taken into account including how much helium is in the balloon and how thick the balloon is (all things that are decided by you when you buy a balloon).  You can follow and see exactly where your balloon is throughout the whole race (lasting seven days) and the furthest balloon is the overall winner.

This eco version of a traditional balloon race mean the balloons only exist online ensuring no danger to the environment, but still keeping all the fun.

The race will 'launch' from Red Square, Moscow on 14 September with prizes including:

  • First prize, for the balloon that travels the farthest in the race, is £500 cash
  • Second prize is an Apple iPad
  • There will also be 10 lucky winners of £10 book vouchers.

The top three Children North East balloons will each receive a copy of our 'Cook Yourself Happy' cookbook.

Guide to buying balloons

To buy your balloons, click on the link below which will take you to an external site (Ecoracing) and then follow these steps:

  1. Click on buy your balloons at the bottom of the page.
  2. Choose the number of balloons you wish to purchase and click go to cart.
  3. Create an account (or login in using your Facebook account).
  4. Enter your card details.
  5. You will then be taken to your dashboard.  From here you can edit your balloons by clicking on the view/decorate/track button.
  6. Choose your options for each balloon you have purchased.  You can change the shape/colour/pattern/amount of helium/thickness of rubber.
  7. Head back into your dashboard from 14 September to keep an eye on how close your balloons are to victory!

Buy your balloons here