How should families handle the big screen time issue?

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What’s Christmas like for the poorest child in your school?

It should be a magical time of year for children, but we take a look at how it can feel being at school in the run-up to Christmas when your family has financial problems.Read more

Why we’re not asking for toys this Christmas: Hope for Christmas Appeal 2018

This Christmas we're making a different request to usual in our new Christmas Appeal ‘Hope for Christmas’Read more

It's ok not to be ok sometimes – lessons from children in our BU Programme

Catrin Patterson, a School Research and Delivery Practitioner in our Schools Team, reflects on how our BU (wellbeing) programme has been making a difference for children and young people.Read more

How does giving your baby a wooden spoon to play with help their learning?

Lesley Hutchinson explains why baby toys are not always the best way to help your infant learn and developRead more

The Science of Early Experiences and the Importance of NEWPIP

In this blog Peter Toolan, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist and Clinical Lead for our NEWPIP Service explains why such a service is needed.Read more

Small Acts of Kindness can make a big difference

Our Deputy Chief Executive recently spent two days at the homelessness charity The Connection at St Martins.Read more

Self-Harm – Challenging assumptions

In this blog Rhoda Morrow, Counselling Coordinator in our Young People's Service, challenges assumptions on why young people self-harm.Read more

What is it like for a child living in poverty when it snows?

As I look out of the window and see the snow falling to the ground yet again I have to wonder how poverty proofed the weather has been! What is it like for a child living in poverty when it snows?Read more

The P Word

I’m going to give up using the P word because I’m tired of defending common sense against prejudice and fantasy.Read more

Maternity Leave – what it means to me

Maternity Leave. For me that has meant 8 months off work to look after our new cherub.Read more