Poverty Proofing in a pandemic - supporting children, families and schools

Our Schools Delivery Practitioner, Lorna Nicoll, explains why Poverty Proofing the School Day has never been more needed Read more

Why Marcus Rashford's magic goal doesn't mark the end of the match...

Whilst it's fantastic that footballer, Marcus Rashford, has persuaded the Government into a U-turn on free school meal vouchers this summer, we still need a longer term plan around food security says our Poverty Proofing practice adviser, Francesca Hogg Read more

Education in the time of Coronavirus

Dr Beng Huat See, Associate Professor in Durham University's School of Education, considers the effects of lockdown on pupils from disadvantaged communities Read more

What's it like for young people under lockdown?

Dr Hannah King from the University of Durham's Department of Sociology explains the importance of finding out young people's views during the Covid-19 crisis Read more

Pupils from poorer families losing out on learning due to lack of IT access

As the Government moves to provide laptops to some disadvantaged Year 10 pupils - our Poverty Proofing lead, Luke Bramhall, asks why this can't be extended to all year groups Read more

Some children still 'missing out on nutrition'

Whilst the Free School Meal Voucher scheme is to be welcomed, there are still glitches in the system that mean some children continue to go hungry says Francesca Hogg, from our Poverty Proofing the School Day team Read more

Free School Meals - what happens during Covid-19?

In response to Covid-19 the government have announced that vouchers will be available for families in receipt of Free School Meals - will this help? Read more

Can we cut the cost of school uniforms?

Newcastle University student Olivia Hayes says families are wrongly being tied in to buying expensive school uniform Read more

I’ll tell ya about Melva!

Gwen Dalziel, from our Schools Team, talks to us about her experience working on the Melva Production. Read more

How to get children off their phones and reading books instead

Christine Elrick is the founder of Look for a Book North East - a social media community that hides books for children to find. We asked her how to get young people into reading Read more

Poverty and Friendship

Making friends is a crucial aspect of growing up and an important skill that is developed throughout our lives. In this blog, Lorna Nicoll looks at how being poor can affect social interactions and friendships. Read more