This Christmas Children North East is making a different request to usual in its new Christmas Appeal ‘Hope for Christmas’.

For many years we have asked for donations of toys and gifts for our Giving Tree Appeal.  Our supporters and donors have been extremely generous and we thank everyone for their generosity, support and kindness.  However, this year our request is different.  We are asking for monetary donations to help support the delivery of Children North East’s work to bring hope and support to children and young people in the region not just this Christmas but throughout 2019.

Many children and young people don’t have anyone or anywhere they can turn to when their family life is in crisis.  Children North East provides support workers and projects which help children at times of crisis and provide somewhere non-judgemental and safe where they can be listened to and, most importantly, have fun. These services are vital in promoting positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience so that children in our region can grow up to be healthy and happy. 

Our services impact on so many children and young people’s lives in such a positive and transformative way and deliver real and tangible results in their lives. You can find out more about how we help make a difference in our latest Impact report.

We feel that it is important that Children North East is able to keep delivering these services now and throughout the year ahead. Therefore our focus this year is to fundraise so we can raise the money needed to continue to deliver these services.

It is a nervous time for the charity because we know many businesses like to buy gifts of toys and games for children.

We don’t want to lose the support of the very generous local businesses that have supported our appeal in the past. But logistically it has become impossible for our small charity to organise the delivery of all these toys, many of which don’t reach families until the very last festive minute which adds unnecessary stress to the children and families we help.

We also know that for most of the families we support (in whatever disadvantage or crisis they are facing) they will have organised Christmas gifts for their children well ahead of 25th December.

So that is why we have decided to create our new appeal  Hope for Christmas so we can be confident that the appeal raises the vital money needed to continue to provide services to children and young people into 2019.

Children North East exists because growing up can be hard and we hope local businesses, people and communities will come on board to help us make growing up just that little bit easier for our region’s children in 2019.