Blog by Jeremy Cripps

I’m going to give up using the P word because I’m tired of defending common sense against prejudice and fantasy. The stuff people say like, ‘being P is a lifestyle choice’ and ‘it’s drugs that make people P’. Opinions like ‘they just need to get themselves a job’ and ‘they should learn to cook good cheap meals’. Beliefs like ‘we were P, it never did us any harm’ and ‘you’ve never been P so you can’t talk about it’.

I don’t know if people who say this stuff actually believe it. Actually I don’t care what they think or believe about being P. But I can’t turn a blind eye to suffering.

A child who is hungry and cold and worrying about their parents stressing about money is suffering and needs something good to eat, a warm house, a winter coat and their parents’ reassurance. That’s all anyone who really cares needs to know and do about Poverty and I feel truly sorry for any human being who can’t sympathise with that child.

Jeremy Cripps, December 2017