It's so important to look after your mental health. We caught up with the Counsellors at Children North East's Young People's Service and got their top mental health tips for young people and also how they look after their own mental well-being.

1. Fiona Wright - Counsellor

Tips for young people: Talk, talk talk about how you feel!

What I do for myself: Exercise, getting out into nature, working on my allotment

2. Cat Port - Counsellor

Tips for young people: Identify something that makes you feel happy and relaxed then try to make some time for it every day.

What I do for myself: Walking, lots of being out in nature, breathing, thinking things through then talking to someone else if needed

3. Rhoda Morrow - Counselling Coordinator

Tips for young people: Sometimes it's difficult to talk about your feelings, if this does feel like a massive deal then try to start with something else. Practise asking other people weird questions, give someone a compliment, be friendly to a stranger. If you can do that, sharing your feelings gets easier.

What I do for myself: Getting to know myself has helped me to improve my mental health. This can literally mean spending time alone, get used to that, thinking about what I believe in, what will I stand up for and what will keep me going? Choose to like yourself - your interests, your skills and no-one can take this away.

4. Rachael Yeoman - Lead Practitioner - Counselling

Tips for young people: Try to identify people around you that you know you can trust to talk about the big stuff with.

In the really difficult times we can sometimes isolate ourselves for long periods of time. While there are lots of good things about having positive time alone, this can sometimes turn into a negative thing if it carries on for too long and we end up not speaking to people about how tough things are.

What I do for myself: Spending time with people I know I can be my true self with is really important to me. I also love anything to do with dance and music, and of course beach walks with my dog.

5. Lynn Renwick - Service Manager - Young People's Service

I was listening to one of our peer mentors today speaking about his own mental health issues as a child and he was talking about the importance of journalling in relation to mental health, writing things down, setting yourself small goals.

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