April has been a busy month down on the Children North East allotment getting it prepared and planted up for the growing season ahead. We've been popping down to the plot to see what the Young People's Service team have been up to down there.

It's a really lush and peaceful haven from city life and will provide the ideal place for young people to get out into the fresh air, get hands-on growing experience as well as the chance to escape for a bit.

Helping Hands

Allotment action

The hard-working team from WSP in the UK (Newcastle) gave up an entire afternoon to help us to get things into tip top shape. Tasks included barrowing in bagfuls of top soil, then weeding and sieving it ready for planting.

They got absolutely loads done!

The group was led by Associate Director, Eleanor Patterson. One of her crew, Geoff Minto, spoke of his gratitude for the help Children North East gave him and his wife, Zoe, after the birth of their triplets - Tom, Chris and Ellie 25 years ago.

"We'd just moved back to Newcastle from Sheffield and we already had two-year-old Harriet. A lady called Ann Grant used to come round to our house and play with the children and give Zoe a bit of rest. We're still in touch with her today."   


Raised beds

The team from the Young People's Service have also been getting the planted started in the raised beds.

Seed potatoes, onions, garlic, strawberries and blackberries have all been put in the ground. Along with some lovely flowers to attract those all important bees!

Having a snoop around the plot, I also spotted some more established things like rhubarb, a couple of gooseberry bushes and loads of herbs including rosemary and thyme. 

New shed has landed!

After much preparation and anticipation, the shed finally arrived. Doesn't it look canny?! 

When delivery day arrived, it was a bit of a nightmare trying to get the delivery truck up the steep hill and through the narrow entrance to the allotment, but after a lot of perseverance the team managed it and worked hard to get the shed constructed. They'll be back this week to deliver the finishing touches.

The shed will not only provide essential storage space for tools, but will also serve as a counselling space for the team at Children North East's Young People's Service. 

We were able to pay for it thanks to a Tesco 'Bags of Help' Community Grant, a fund that benefits thousands of local projects right across the UK. 

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